This tour is an opportunity to learn about Romania; to visit local places of interest and enjoy the beautiful countryside. You sample very tasty, home made and home grown produce, a variety of flavors and dishes.
Enjoy the hospitality of local families and their rural accommodation.
It will be opportunities to take advantage of local events as: organ concerts, festivals, weddings, Sunday church service, etc.
MY ROMANIA is specialist in tailor-made itineraries and small groups traveling within Romania. You just have to tell us your interests and hobbies and we design for you an itinerary to fit your requirements. Interested in architecture, castles, nature, walking, wild life or traditions? Just let us know and we write you back with the best advice.

How we work?
• We like to support the local families, that’s why we arrange accommodation and private lunches with village families or small guesthouses run by a family. But if you insist not to stay in a private house, hotels overnight can be arranged.
• In some parts of Romania we also may use specialized local guides (a specialized bird watching guide in the Danube Delta, forest ranchers for looking on wild life or local guides to find the right unmarked paths in undiscovered places).
• Most of our meals are served in private homes, hand made and carefully hand grown products. Romanians are self sufficient, so the products are coming from our host’s garden and yard. So, we are sure they use organic food. Sometimes we do picnic lunches in carefully picked scenic places with the food provided by our host or self catered in the local market. When we eat in the restaurants, you can be sure this are checked and hand picked on our previous visits.
• We have an exhaustive correspondence via email with our travelers to understand their suggestions, needs and wishes. After that, we design a tailor made tour and price it depending the number of days, the number of people, the type of accommodation and the total distance of the tour.
Romania is not a country for mass-tourism, thanks God. It doesn’t have enough developed infrastructure for that, neither the publicity. The biggest advertisment for Romania lately was HRH Price Charles visits. Prince Charles has a house in a village which he visits regularly. Many of his friends go on exclusive tours of the country, but you hardly ever see tours to Romania in brochures.
Usually most of the tourists come with no expectations, they don’t know much about the country or the people. And all of them leave with a very good impression after visiting. The highlight of My Romania is the countryside and its people. When I ask my travelers why they like Romania, the answer is: because they go back in time! Here people work, live and eat with the seasons and still use a medieval way of strip farming.