I’m still talking about what a fantastic time we had – and have inspired two people to visit for the first time last month. You thought of everything – the walks in the mountains, the places to stay, the meals, and your knowledge of your country’s history – all brilliant. You are a great ambassador! Thank you too for the pictures – my favourite shot is the one of us all with our noses in the hay. The sweetest perfume ever.  Kate Meynell, London

“We were fascinated and impressed by our visit to your beautiful country.
As a farmer I was worried how the small farmers are going to cope with all the change that is going to happen to them. Only 40 years ago a lot of our farming was just the same, but we’ve had the luxury of gradual change. “
Lord de Ramsey

Ramona is one of the few guides in Romania who can draw on her experience to set Romania in the context of other countries in Europe. Travelling with her is not only fun but fascinating
(Lucy Abel-Smith, UK)

Travelling with Ramona will give you a chance to see Romania through the eyes of a local.
Enjoy traditional food, hear interesting anecdotes and share some of the stories of her childhood and the changes that have taken place in this beautiful country.
(Marie Steel, Australia)

“We don’t hear much about Romania as a tourist destination, and that is definitely part of the attraction.
It is a wonderfully unspoilt country, beautiful countryside, fascinating culture, and incredibly friendly people.
Ramona made travelling in Romania very easy – she can show you the real Romania – alpine scenery, centuries of culture, and the occasional bear!
There is far more to Romania than vampires – go, and see for yourself!”
(Emma Greatorex, UK)